San Tran

makeup artist

San Tran
Woodstock, GA

Hi, my name is San.
I have a deeply passion for makeup coming from my family background
All my passions, dream of becoming who i am today. I’m inspired from my mother.
Back in the day, my mother was a well-known makeup artist in our home town.
She travel, make girls pretty and helps them being that Cinderella girl for one day, she was that fairy godmother. However, she didn't have horses to help her but she had the almighty knight with his white horse (motorcycle), my most wonderful father.
They travel everywhere and made grass greener and people happier as they go.
My dream was to help girls being beautiful just like my mother, and i too, have the help of my knight, i want to make this fairy tale comes true again, and being in QC is just only my beginning.
I was always that type of little girl that would sit in front of the mirror and do my hairs for hours and mess with mom make up stuffs, my parents first recall this of me at very young age, 5.
I join an adult drawing class at 9, was always a creative child. I spent my time sewing Barbie clothes, doing hairs and her make up while others kids play hide and seek outside. I graduated high school with Art Honor, i was one of the only five in that years.
My whole life, everywhere i goes, i help others with theirs advice and beauty questions, theirs hairs, make up and styles. It makes me happy, like i fulfill something.
But because of my family financial and reality, my dream became a blur as i go. But i finally learned that, faith never turn back on you. Even though i was busy going through school and putting food on the table, helping out my parents, i was still doing everyone a favor when they ask on my free time, was to do theirs make up and hairs. I would be so happy that they like, and trust me enough to ask, each and every time i did my best without a dime, but i love it! Because i know i have that gift, a power that i can make others pretty. Friends, family, even strangers, they were all peoples with beautiful faces and hearts that i work with. So now with QC i will makes my dream comes true of being the makeup artist that has always been hidden in me. I’m not afraid to face reality anymore, because this is my reality now.
I truly believe that no makeup can mask an ugly heart. And no one is truly ugly, they just don't know how to accept and believe, and remember, always believe in yourself, and embrace that power that you have, because we are all born for a reason.



I Love to do make up, hairs, and currently i work at a nail salon<3~~!!!