Danielle Willsie

feng shui consultant, professional organizer

Danielle Willsie
Clio, MI

Although I have been interested in Feng Shui and Professional Organizing, it wasn't until my ex-fiancé and I began remodeling our house that I discovered my inherent need and true love for these fields.

With 5 animals and a 1 year old, I can completely understand how overwhelming life can get. Thankfully, because of my experience in Feng Shui and Professional Organizing I also know just how to remedy any issue that comes my way.


Feng Shui Services:

Minor Change Consultation (recommended for beginners): After talking with you and determining what one or two life issues are at the top of your list, I will take a look at your house/apartment/living space (or pictures if you live outside of Clio, MI) with the issues you are having in mind. I will then give you a 13 (sometimes longer) page report detailing how to improve your current issue as well as how to improve the overall Feng Shui of your house. This includes two phone calls with me which will be at least one hour (or up to three depending on how long you need) each.


Major Change Consultation: This includes everything from the minor change, but will add: two more issues if need be (bringing the max up to 4 life areas), and two or three (depends on what you need most) more phone calls, and instructions on how to get the best results possible.