Sarah Boudrieau

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Sarah Boudrieau
Waitsburg, WA

Simply Unique Wedding & Events

My name is Sarah and I am a wife and a mother of three awesome boys. I have lived on the west coast of Washington most of my life until recently when my family and I decided to settle in a small town in eastern Washington. We are very involved in the schools and community, as well as our little country church. There have been many opportunities that I have taken lately that have inspired me to further a career in Wedding & Event Planning. I love to plan, decorate, and I enjoy the smiles and (sometimes) tears of joy with the end results. I feel that I am extremely organized and detail oriented with a bunch of creativity thrown in the mix. With many types of events available to plan, I am very considerate of the needs of those involved and I love to make the visions a reality.

The majority of my career has been in an office setting keeping financial books and doing budgets. I feel that this has a lot to do with event planning simply because each client will have a budget and ideas that may exceed it. I am creative with ideas that can assist in keeping the vision as well as staying within budget. I have planned many birthday parties for my sons, fundraisers for their sports clubs and recently, have been planning youth fundraising dinners with our congregation, baby showers, and will be taking on a small trade show within a neighboring community. What I truly enjoy about my career choice is the variety of events that I will be taking on and the many people I will meet and be able to help along the way.


Some of the services I offer are:

Wedding Planning
Engagement Party
Bridal Shower
Baby Shower
Birthday Parties for all ages
Corporate Parties
Community Events
Trade Shows and Bazaars