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Testimonials for Kelly Burnett

"I have waited all of my life for my wedding and all of the exciting events that come with it. Because of Kelly's passion, education in event planning and her love to please the bride, it has been such a blessing to have her by my side."

Nicole Smith

"Kelly planned my baby shower last summer and it was a great success. She took the time to discuss what I was looking for in a shower, what theme I was hoping to use, and was friendly and warm when contacting all of my guests. Her creativity shone while organizing and putting together the party. She chose games and activities that were appropriate and fun for a wide variety of age groups. She was prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend her for any event!"

Ashley Aitken

"Kelly was amazing to work with, she was sweet, professional and her creativity really shined through in her set up for my sister's baby shower. We are extremely grateful for everything she did and would definitely recommend her services to anybody!"

Kelsey Aitken

Kelly planned a stunning bachelorette party for one of my best friends. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and passion for making it one of the most memorable experiences is what every bride wants. Every detail from where we stayed, the theme, what we did, how we got there, the games we played, and even adding special touches from the groom was perfectly planned, put together and flawless. I would recommend her for any event from small, intimate dinner parties to your big, special day and everything in between!

Brittany David