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Natasha Bayley

makeup artist

Natasha Bayley


I am a freelance make up artist and I live in Southsea, Hampshire. I have been running my independent business for nearly 2 years now. I take a very professional yet relaxed approach to all my clients. I am a fun, friendly, confident person and like to have a relaxed atmosphere when working. I offer a wide range of make up services including, weddings, proms, birthdays (any special occasion), fashion, glamour, underwear, etc.

I have worked with a few popular South Coast photographers such as Scott Jolly & Rob Jaimeson. I am always looking for challenges or things that inspire me. I enjoy working on photo shoots whether they are fashion, underwear, glamour or just portraits and I am always looking to update my portfolio.
I have been interested in make up for many years, growing up pinching my mums make up. I enjoyed watching celebrities and re-creating looks on myself. It wasn't until later on that I realised that make-up was my vocation in life and it was something I was very passionate about, getting excited every time a new product hit the shelves or finding a new eye shadow colour that I could try out. I decided from then that I wanted to choose this as my career path. I have began my career self taught, and I get a lot of compliments from clients when they ask me where I learnt to do what I do. They are all very impressed at how talented I am without any training. Although I have built up a very nice portfolio from my self tuition, I decided that I would like to widen my knowledge on make up the wide variety of it there is out there. That is when I found QC and decided that it was the course for me, and it would help me on my path to success!


Photo Shoots (Fashion, Underwear, Glamour, Black/White, Portrait, Vintage, Pin-up)

Live Events (all)

All Special Occasions

Make Up Parties (all ages)

UV Body Paint/Make-up

Fashion Shows/Catwalks

Male Make Up

Please contact me for more details on all services listed and prices.