Gabrielle Sunderland

makeup artist

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

My Name is Gabrielle Sunderland, I am a makeup artist in training from NSW Australia.
At the age of 20 i was married young, my wedding was the help I needed to give me a kick start into the makeup industry. Since then my passion for makeup and helping people be as beautiful as they can be has only grown stronger.

I am a makeup artist in training, i am currently training through QC Makeup Academy. I am training to become a Master Makeup Artist. I completed my HSC in 2010 and since then I had been stressing about University and what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. And it turns out, Makeup was it for me. Nothing makes me feel better than putting makeup on someone and totally changing the way they feel about themselves.


The services i specialize in are Bridal makeup, Glamor makeup, as well as theater and SFX makeup. I am from a small town in NSW, Australia about 4 hours from Sydney. I am willing to travel anywhere between Dubbo and Sydney. This includes, Orange, Bathurst, Parkes and Forbes as well as anywhere along the east coast.