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Chelsea Paul

makeup artist

Chelsea Paul

Wilmington, NC

Makeup by Chelsea

My name is Chelsea Paul. I am 24 years old and a CIMP currently living in Wilmington, North Carolina. Makeup has always been my number one passion and making people feel even more beautiful is my number one priority.

I have enjoyed every aspect of makeup for as long as I can remember and have an obsession with trying new products and creating a unique, personal look for my clients!


I love to assist people in assessing their skin and creating a personalize makeup routine that is easy to apply and looks great. I also enjoy consulting and working with brides and bridal parties to make the special day memorable. Applying makeup for teens and people of all ages is another services I offer. Doing special event makeup and working with photographers and models to create a unique, customized look that works with the setting or event is another exciting service I can provide for you.