DJ/JR Guevara

makeup artist

DJ/JR Guevara
Dallas, TX

Be Different, Be Unique Just be You

I'm a special effects and regular makeup artist. Yes I know i'm one of many the only difference is I'm not afraid to be bold in my looks yet make them look Classy enough to wear out and about.

I'm a 26 year old male with 2 years experience in makeup, 1 in special effects makeup and 4 years in nail art. I'm hoping to break into the makeup world and make a name for myself in it. I know that there is an insane amount of current makeup artists, and more are trying every year, but I know that I'm unique. My work has always stood out. Some of my looks are better reserved for model shoots, but when you loose it all you learn to never be afraid to be you. No matter if you prefer a bold lip color or bold eyes. All that matters is that your look is pulled together and that you smile when you look at your reflection everywhere you go.


I do regular and special occasion makeup.
I also dabble quite a bit in special effects makeup.
Nail art(not full service like acrylics and whatnot, but just nail art)