Tennielle Copson

makeup artist

Tennielle Copson
Toowoomba, QLD

Hi my name is Tennielle Copson and I am 25 years old. In July of 2013 I decided to take the first steps in following my passion for artistic creativity and pursue a career as an independent makeup artist.

I have always had a personal interest and desire to study Makeup Artistry. I love being creative and learning how makeup artists achieving different looks. From the glamour of the red carpet to enhancing an actor/actress performance by changing or exaggerating their features has always captured my imagination.

I am currently completing the QC Makeup Academy Master Makeup Artistry Course. I am learning advanced makeup artistry techniques including glamour, fantasy, theater and other advanced makeup subjects. The course units include:

UNIT A – Introduction to the World of Makeup Artistry
UNIT B – Assessing, Preparation and Step-by-Step Guide to Complete Makeup Applications
UNIT C – Daytime to Evening Transformation
UNIT D – Bridal Makeup Looks
UNIT E – Glamour Makeup Applications
UNIT F – Makeup for Theater


I am currently studying to achieve my Master International Makeup Professional Certificate and therefore do not have any services at this time.

But watch this space!