Stuart Moir

event planner, wedding planner

Any Dream We'll Do - Attention to detail from start to finish.

My name is Stuart and I am the Director of “I Do” Any Do Events .
I have a huge passion for planning all events, large or small. I first found my love for planning events when I was asked to plan a children’s Christmas party for the children of the staff who worked at my local Tescos superstore. Since then I have always got involved with the planning of any event I can. Even scout camping weekends and more recently my brother’s wedding. No matter what the occasion I strive to make it as stress free as possible for you. Allowing you to just relax and enjoy your event.

I little bit about my background.
Whilst studying Aeronautical Engineering at college I worked as Customer Service Supervisor for Tescos Ltd. I then started to work for Virgin Atlantic Airways as Cabin Crew flying round the world getting to experience different countries and local cultural events on a first hand bases. In 2009 I took a break from flying to try something different. I became a Manager of a local Bar and was in charge of all running aspects including all events. These included charity fundraisers, birthday parties, Halloween, New Years Eve and many more. My favorite part was organising the decorations for Halloween and New Year. Sadly due to the recession the Bar had to close and I moved back into a career in retail as an Assistant Manager for Debenhams Retail Plc. Once I had worked in every department possible I went back to what I loved most, Cabin Crew with Virgin Atlantic. Not to mention of course still planning events for friends and family the whole time.


When you’re planning an event you want it to be perfect. This only happens if people are flexible in the services they offer. This includes me, I don’t have fixed packages that contain services you might not necessarily need or even missing something which to you is vitally important. This is why I offer a totally personalised package. You decide exactly what it is you need me to provide and I will produce a package that suits your every need. Whether it’s just a chat to gain some ideas for your baby’s first birthday, right through to planning your perfect wedding day from initial consultation to taking down the decorations the day after the event. Just give me a call and we’ll cover all your needs.