Yolanda Deassis

event planner, wedding planner

Yolanda Deassis
Yokine, WA

Organising everything from your home to that special event in your life..

I am a single parent of two children. I escaped the corporate IT world in Perth, Western Australia to run my own business from home, to allow for a better work/life balance and more flexibility with my children.

My business specialises in Decluttering and Organising homes and offices and we are now extending our services to organising events and weddings!

My background as most tell me is worth writing a novel. I was born in Timor Leste and during the civil war at the age of one my family and I were taken as refugees to Portugal. We later immigrated to the US where I spent most of my childhood. Our journey from there led us back to Portugual and around Europe and finally in Australia!

I have been working since the age of 16 and travelling extensively. I have worked in numerous industries ranging from hospitality to aged care, oil & gas to IT. In all my positions I have always taken on the administrative, managerial and social events organiser type roles.

Having noted my strengths in those areas I decided to embark on the career of assisting others lead more organised lives and helping to create more space and time in their households.


Organising homes and offices
Deceased Estates
Downsizing & preparing for home opens
Events & Wedding Planning