Testimonials for Brenda Minnet

Having recently re-located to Corpus for job purposes, I have not even finished unpacking, let alone, focus on my home decor. BK was here visiting family, when we focused on devising a plan to make my house more attractive from the outside to the inside. With her help, the front yard was cleared of debris,, grass cut, and some attractive items placed at the front door to increase the curb appeal. We next focused on the living room. Furniture was re-arranged, pictures hung, and accessories were added. Because BK has a background in making custom window treatments, she also made window treatments for the living room. Our next focus was the guest bath and bedroom. BK made a shower curtain for the bath, added some accessories and staged the guest room using materials I already had on hand. Corpus Christi is a coastal town and my goal is to eventually rent the house. With this in mind, BK helped me develop decor that would appeal to future renters. Although there is more work to be done in my house, I feel that with BK's help, the major areas are complete and with the written evaluation and suggestions, she gave me before she departed, I now feel confident in completing my house to my satisfaction.

Paulette Freeman, Nurse Practictioner, Corpus Christi, Texas

I was ready to place my lake house on the market and asked for BK's help. She had made window treatments for me in the past, and I knew she was working on certification as a home stager. She made some recommendations for the outside, as well as the inside of the house. As head of household and a professional educator, I consistently had to be mindful of my budget, especially when renovating or updating my house. BK was aware of this and consistently has provided suggestions as to how to achieve the look I desire, within my budget. For example, I purchased some chairs from a local consignment store, and she painted and distressed them in brighter colors to go along with my lake theme. She also painted and distressed a matching table. She provided a rug to match the colors in the living room, as well as picture for my mantle that goes along with my theme. I am pleased with the overall look, and look forward to selling this house shortly.

Dr. Diana Taylor, School Psychologist, Huntersivlle, NC

BK was a teacher at my school that I came to know on a more personal level, when she asked if she could help decorate my office. She made some curtains, a round table skirt, and distressed a table the school was going to get rid of. I was very pleased with the results, and later asked her is she would help me decorate my condo. She made several suggestions for the various rooms, and made curtains for my daughter's room, shower curtains for both bathrooms in the condo, the living room, and my bedroom. In addition, she repurposed two mirrors and my coffee table, She found some accessories as various consignment stores that fit in well with my decor and budget. I am very pleased with the overall results.

Marrea Givens, Counselor, Beaufort, SC

I recently moved to North Carolina after living in Florida for several years. BK made beautiful custom window treatments for my living room and cornices for my den. Her work is second to none. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her to anyone ready to re-decorate, renovate, and stage their home for selling.

Vicki Ferguson, Artist, Grifton, NC