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Brenda Minnet

Concord, NC

Elegant Home Decor With Affordability In Mind

I have been a counselor/educator for the past 27 years for the public school system. During this time, I raised two amazing children and decorated approximately 12-15 different apartments or houses for my own family. Because our budget was very tight, I learned to make my own window treatments and refinish/refurbish furniture purchased at thrift stores or yard sales. Eventually, I obtained certification as a window treatment professional and for 15 years have constructed window treatments primarily for other educators. When working on window treatments , I was often asked about furniture placement, color coordination, and other home décor questions. There were many questions I did not know how to answer and, therefore, felt the need for more knowledge in this arena. About this time is when I discovered QC Career School and their Home Staging on-line classes.

I felt the need to have more education in home décor to go along with my window treatment business, and found that QC Career School was a perfect solution to obtaining this knowledge. Their on-line classes, materials, and personnel are incredible. They have provided me so much information and support in this new endeavor, and I feel signing up for their Home Staging course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. In beginning this new career, I feel it is important for all families to have a warm, safe, and inviting home, no matter what a family’s budget may be. Because of my own background, I feel that I can help a family fulfill this goal, especially in dealing with budget constraints. In addition, I believe in recycling or re-purposing furniture. This goes along with my philosophy of being a good steward to the earth. Although my budget is much better now that my children are adults and have established their own homes, I have found that older pieces have a great deal of character and often “better bones” than some of our more current pieces, and I often prefer these to newer pieces. Nothing excites me more than to re-purpose a piece and find that someone else has the same appreciation that I do for this same piece.


Services I currently offered by BK’s Elegant Creations are:

*Home Staging: Allow me to come to your house and discuss with you ways to make your house stand out from others comparable in value and location. I will help you create your home's best showing conditions, by evaluating both the inside and outside. You will be provided a written copy and list of any needed repairs, suggestions for de-cluttering, furniture placement, and even ways to provide a memorable showing through clean and refreshing scents that will linger with the prospective buyer upon completion of a showing.

*Home/room redesign: With our home redesign services, you may not be ready to place your house on the market, but do feel the need for an update. We can provide you a room by room plan for de-cluttering, repairs, furniture placement and curb appeal. Once again, you will be provided a written copy of the evaluation and suggested updates. We strive to help you make use of existing furniture and accessories currently in your possession.

*Custom Window treatments:f you are in the market for new window treatments, we will schedule an in home consultation where we will measure your existing windows, discuss possible styles and colors. You will be given a quote of cost to fabricate the treatments and installation.


Having recently re-located to Corpus for job purposes, I have not even finished unpacking, let alone, focus on my home decor. BK was here visiting family, when we focused on devising a plan to make my house more attractive from the outside to the inside. With her help, the front yard was cleared of debris,, grass cut, and some attractive items placed at the front door to increase the curb appeal. We next focused on the living room. Furniture was re-arranged, pictures hung, and accessories were added. Because BK has a background in making custom window treatments, she also made window treatments for the living room. Our next focus was the guest bath and bedroom. BK made a shower curtain for the bath, added some accessories and staged the guest room using materials I already had on hand. Corpus Christi is a coastal town and my goal is to eventually rent the house. With this in mind, BK helped me develop decor that would appeal to future renters. Although there is more work to be done in my house, I feel that with BK's help, the major areas are complete and with the written evaluation and suggestions, she gave me before she departed, I now feel confident in completing my house to my satisfaction.

Paulette Freeman, Nurse Practictioner, Corpus Christi, Texas

I was ready to place my lake house on the market and asked for BK's help. She had made window treatments for me in the past, and I knew she was working on certification as a home stager. She made some recommendations for the outside, as well as the inside of the house. As head of household and a professional educator, I consistently had to be mindful of my budget, especially when renovating or updating my house. BK was aware of this and consistently has provided suggestions as to how to achieve the look I desire, within my budget. For example, I purchased some chairs from a local consignment store, and she painted and distressed them in brighter colors to go along with my lake theme. She also painted and distressed a matching table. She provided a rug to match the colors in the living room, as well as picture for my mantle that goes along with my theme. I am pleased with the overall look, and look forward to selling this house shortly.

Dr. Diana Taylor, School Psychologist, Huntersivlle, NC

BK was a teacher at my school that I came to know on a more personal level, when she asked if she could help decorate my office. She made some curtains, a round table skirt, and distressed a table the school was going to get rid of. I was very pleased with the results, and later asked her is she would help me decorate my condo. She made several suggestions for the various rooms, and made curtains for my daughter's room, shower curtains for both bathrooms in the condo, the living room, and my bedroom. In addition, she repurposed two mirrors and my coffee table, She found some accessories as various consignment stores that fit in well with my decor and budget. I am very pleased with the overall results.

Marrea Givens, Counselor, Beaufort, SC

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