Allyn Brewer-Babitch

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner

Allyn Brewer-Babitch
San Jose, CA

'"Let's Dress Up Your Space"
Budget-wise makeovers, mini-makeovers in & around Santa Clara County, CA

After 34 wonderful years in the veterinary field, I retired to pursue my other passion of Redesign, and Redesign Staging. My goal is to help people in their daily living, by assisting them to create a more functional, comfortable, and attractive home; using mostly what they already own, with some suitable editions and additions.

For those looking to sell, who don’t want to spend on a total staging, Redesign Staging can be the answer- it’s an affordable alternative that can work wonders.

My original education was in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with an emphasis on primitive and tribal cultures. Though I did not pursue a career in this field, the training allowed me to interact, understand, and enjoy people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

It also, I think, allows me to view and understand human behavior from a “primitive” level- that is, understanding the deep underlying instincts that drive us all, as well as the different cultural customs and mores that we all learn while growing up in our individual circumstances.

My many years in the veterinary field (as both a licensed Animal Health Technician (veterinary nurse), and in the front office), and my long involvement with dogs, cats, and horses (I bred and showed both dogs and horses for many years), enabled me to observe and study animal behavior, both predator and prey. Understanding animal behavior can help us understand human behavior; which can help us to get along with, and deeply respect, other humans; however different from us they may be.

This deeper understanding also helps with both Redesign and Redesign Staging. Redesign is the art of taking a person or family’s own possessions, and using them to make their home as functional, comfortable, and visually pleasing (to them) as possible. So understanding their personal needs and wants is paramount. Redesign Staging is the opposite side of that coin- making a house as attractive as possible to as many people as possible- so understanding what motivates the majority of homebuyers, and in particular the kind of homebuyer most likely to be looking at the house-for-sale, is critical.

I take a lot of pride and pleasure in being able to make considerable positive transformations for people at a very affordable cost to them. My first Redesign Stage was of a country condo that wasn’t showing well, and that had been on the market (a strong selling market) for three months without any offers; despite multiple open houses and several showings. Right after the Redesign Stage, another open house was given, and two days later two offers came in- the realtor and homeowners were thrilled! And it gave me a lot of joy to help all involved- homesellers, homebuyers (they got to see the true features of the home after it was redone), and the realtor, who was delighted to get this nice condo finally sold.

Even before open houses and showings, some kind of staging is extremely helpful so pictures taken for the online listing ads are able to best show the positive features of the house- if people don’t like what they see in those pictures, they may not even come by to see the house, and so won’t give it a chance to be “the one”.

I attend open houses regularly now, to meet realtors, and to see how houses are being presented- you can guess the ones that will sell more quickly and for more money, and those that might languish or sell for less, because they don’t show that well to the broadest number of people, and so may not generate excitement in a multitude of potential buyers. The more people who can envision a home as theirs the better! And that’s what staging and Redesign Staging attempt to accomplish.

I recently wrote an article delving a little more deeply into why staging works, looking at it from a primitive-human point of view- because, underneath the high tech and civilized veneer, that’s really what we all are, after all; with our needs and motivations very similar to those of our prehistoric ancestors. I am happy to share this article with anyone interested, and am hoping to get it printed in realtor and staging magazines for evaluation by other professionals.

Although I retired from my previous career with some misgivings, I am thrilled now to be pursuing this new venture. Go Redesign!


- Assisting clients with decluttering, editing possessions, and
furnishings, lighting, and art/accessories placement; while
depersonalizing the home for Redesign Staging, or
personalizing and customizing it for Redesign
- Storage-solutions advice
- Indoor and outdoor color advice
- Window treatments advice
- Curb appeal advice and staging
- Furnishings and décor lending (and optional sale)
- Assistance with come-see-this-house picture taking for online ads
- “Final Touch” day-of-open-house prep- a realtor & client favorite
- Creative ability to redesign/redesign stage on a promised budget
- Flexibility with homeowner’s and realtor’s schedules
- Originally educated in Social and Cultural Anthropology, so
very respectful of cultures different from my own

- Pet/child/special-needs friendly redesigns
- Relocation redesign
- Blended Family redesign
- Furnishings customization ideas
- Custom-made décor pieces to lend or sell
- Picture re-matting/framing, customizing, &/or hanging advice
- Indoor and outdoor plant selection ideas
- Supplemental furnishings and décor consultation
- Furnishings and décor shopping service


I wanted to completely renovate my bedroom and bathroom, but knew I couldn't do it for two years or more- and I was very unhappy with things as they were. Allyn not only came in and made things highly livable in those areas, but helped with the living room, another bathroom, and a 2nd bedroom/office as well, and also with the back entertaining area. These are all now more comfortable and personal, and far more attractive, than they ever were; and it made the wait for the renovation much more tolerable. When I could finally afford the renovation, Allyn helped me to make choices for that- and I now have the bed and bath of my dreams.

A,H., San Jose

I am a very busy professional, and didn't have time to reorganize my house the way I wanted. Allyn came in, found and created storage so things could get put neatly away- and then rearranged and supplemented things so my house now feels bigger, brighter, and much prettier. All this on a very affordable budget- I'm much more than satisfied with the results.

C.L., Sunnyvale

My condo sold right after the Redesign Staging was done by Casa Bella Redesign Solutions, even though it had already been on the market for three months without any offers. I admit I have no "eye" for these things, but I'm glad Allyn does! Now I can move on with my life, and the buyers of my condo can move in and on with theirs. Everyone wins- thanks Casa Bella!

C.N.., San Jose