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Cindy Lam

Cindy Lam

Seattle, WA

"All our dreams can came true, if we have the courage to pursue them"

Hi. Welcome! I am Cindy. I am a personal stylist. I am going to tell you guys about myself. I am only 16 so; I have no working experience yet. What I do now is helping my friends and family from all background to find their find their style they love. People from all over wants to look nice and feel confident with what they are wearing! It does not matter what people think of you of whether how you style your outfits together, it’s all about you, yourself, and however you want to put your pieces together!

Helping my friends and family find their own style they love which also makes me feel great because this is what I do and what I love to do. I will not give up on what I love to do. This helps them to find their own sense of style and realize their individual style. I use to help my friends and family pick outfits out to match their personality and body. I have good memory where I remember what my friends and family bought last time, which gives them hints to build their wardrobe. It didn’t matter what occasions they had to go whether if it’s a wedding, birthday party, conference day, to work, or whatever; I was able to work with pieces they had in their wardrobe to achieve their needs. I have notice that some of my friends that I have helped with felt insecure about how they looked. I always tell my friends that to be creative by adding fun accessories, maybe colors to give a pop of colors, playing with patterns, and etc. If you are on a low budget, but you still want to look good, look chic, classy, professional, or however you want, I will always work within your budget. I will shop where you feel comfortable. I can work with you on an individual basis to bring pieces to you. Count me as your fashion assistant stylist.


Service List

Closet Clean Out & Shopping!
- Clean out your closet and create outfits with your current clothes to something you never imagined
- Going shopping with you at any store you want
- Organizing your closet and learn organization techniques how your wardrobe looks fabulous
- Discuss your current style today and where you want to look in the future
- Discuss what you can do with the clothes you don’t want instead of throwing it all away. Coming up ideas what you can pair with your old pieces of clothing to a brand new go to outfits.
- Learning how to dress stunning based on your shape. I will show you how to wear proper clothes the way it fits you based on the measurements. Is your body shape an apple shape, hourglass, a pear, a rectangle, or a strawberry?
- Learn your own color what best fits you! Learn how to wear those colors!
More Info / Question? ASK!

- Have any questions, fill free to ask me!
- Having trouble putting pieces together based on your body shape, color, patterns, or anything, I am here to save you!
- Not sure what to wear, or don’t know how to accessorize the pieces of clothing, no worries! I am here to save you! (Send me a photo and I will give you tips until you are satisfied)

Special Offer
- You will get 25% off your first session

- Each session costs ($150) and your fourth session costs ($100)