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Gail Patak

event planner, wedding planner

Gail Patak

Jacksonville, FL

Beautiful, Artistic Events.....created especially for YOU


Artistic Event Designs, Lighting, Floral Arrangements, Menu Planning, Eco Events, Vegan/Vegetarian Events, Destination events and Weddings, All Culinary and Nutritional Guidance, Events at Specialty Locales


August 16, 2013 To Whom it May Concern: Gail Patak has been our corporate Christmas Party Event Coordinator for the last three years. She consistently delivers an exciting, well decorated, entertaining event. Typically, Gail will present us with three or four themes for our yearly event and coordinate decorations, banquet and beverage, along with entertainment. Our themes have been Disco, Winter Wonderland, and Mad Men. Ms. Patak delivers a top quality event, on time, within budget, and uniquely designed for us. I would recommend Gail Patak as an event coordinator for large or small events as she provides a top quality event you can walk into and enjoy the party. Sincerely, Debbie Maggard

Debbie Maggard, Assistant to the CEO

Gail is an outstanding event planner. I worked with her on several occasions and she made each event all of the success that it was. I liked the fact that she was always on time with scheduling everything and making sure each part of the event was exactly how she wanted it. Gail took care of EVERYTHING- the seating, lighting, food, decorations, and the band!! Kayla Baugh

Kayla Baugh, Pastry Chef