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Reva Wolf

makeup artist

Reva Wolf

Chicago, IL

For a face you'll love!

Makeup isn't just a "profession" for me. Makeup is an opportunity to bring ones potential to its fullest. I've always been a person to look deeper then its surface when viewing my peers and acquaintances. Now when dealing with profiles and appearances I'm able to connect a persons inner beauty and outer beauty to bring out their best.

I've always enjoyed applying makeup and looking pretty. It began when I started applying makeup to my friends and family for small events and outings. After much positive response I began to expand my horizons. I started out with graduations and weekends and the moved forward to bar-mitzvahs and weddings . I then attended QC makeup academy where I learnt the ins and outs of makeup. I continue to practice on my skills on all my family and friends, for my goal is to make people feel good about themselves.