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Becky Fereira Hope


We do the work so you can relax!

We at Fereira's Event Planning, understand the need to get things done just right!
We also understand, that life does not always give you the opportunity to plan every detail without missing something important.
That’s where we come in, because in planning we focus only on your needs, giving you time to focus on other areas that are just as important as your event, but without the frustration and stress that goes with it.
Knowing that your event is in dedicated and capable hands, your happiness is our success, therefore we do the work so you can relax.

Being from the Caribbean island of Grenada also known as “Isle of Spice “and mixed race I think variety is the spice of life because of our rich diverse culture which is influenced by Spanish, French and English. Since on my island we seize every opportunity to celebrate an occasion, from our famous carnival, to just a family cook up on the beach, which always evolves into a celebration, because it’s a guarantee someone will turn up with music once the word spreads. So organising events started for me at a very young age, and it is something that I am passionate about, so with that in mind propelled me to get certified with QC Career School. However, prior to being certified I was able to fully plan my very own wedding in detail, right down to the photographers, entertainment, transportation and everything to accommodate 150 guests, which took place in New York USA where at the time I resided, and it was truly and amazing and exciting experience, and that same effort, energy and enthusiasm I put into every event no matter the size or reason for the event. Since relocating to England has only fuelled my passion and having a family every chance we get we celebrate something even if it is a rainy day. Once we have life it should be celebrated, and I enjoy helping others achieve the joy of celebrating an occasion that holds a special meaning to them.


We offer a different packages depending on the type of event or celebration, and ensuring that no one feels left out, we also work with realistic budgets.
Do enquire for a breakdown of what is included in our packages along with costs. Our packages are
• Full Planning Service
• Day Coordination Service
• Preparation Package
We service the London and greater London areas, however, we are able to accommodate clients further away.