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Nice House LLC

Marilyn Merejildo

color consultant, green designer, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Marilyn Merejildo

South River, NJ

Mission Accomplished

Nice House Limited Liability Company is a Business services and Homes Store, where anyone can personalize their house , Office Space with the assistance of people who have been working on design,Constructions , Project Management for about 30 year, with successful performance, known internationally.

Nice House LLC.
Is a International Management Provider -
Constructions Sites , Fast Track Method Specialist
Interior Design
Space Staging
Home Organizing
Candle Store

We invite you to make your house has the same environment as NICE HOUSE customers,
Households under the care of Nice House has the following environment.!!!!
A-) Healthy Children, because there is no dust, germs or viruses under their beds, bathrooms or closets.-
B-) Couple are happy and harmonic due to CLEANLINESS and ORGANIZATION, flow positive energies increasing ABUNDANCE.-

C-) The interior environment remains balanced, PLEASANT FRAGRANCES surprise you with a perfect lock of pet odors.-

And most importantly , when someone steady customer of Nice House. NEVER GO BACK !!! OUR PERFORMANCE IS ADDICTIVE....!!!!

I am dedicated to the International Management of Private Services as a Estate Manager.

I have worked for about 30 years, doing Construction Project Management, interior design, seasonal decorations, home accent placement, professional organizing, housekeeping, home management , Space Staging, 🏨 Management, very successfully .
People hire me for my services stay with me for life, and I love to set up their places, when I perform my services my client really like the results , because when I’m in their home for me is a unique opportunity to perform a master piece. I have many years of experience in project management like, constructions, business , product launch, staff training, Shops Launch , Interior designs, Seasonal Decorator, Out Door Designs, Event Planer , Style Adviser , If you want a person that can be on charge of any responsibility and get the job done masterfully and successfully... I AM THE PERFECT MATCH and I am available.
My name is Marilyn , 30 years as PROJECT MANAGER IN THE CONSTRUCTION AREA back in my home country the Dominican Republic (D.R.). Recently retired after a successful construction of the first ever Subway system (The Metro) in D.R. At the present time I'm very excited about my most recent project, the launch of my My OWN COMPANY.... dedicated to International Project Management , Interior Design , Home Organizing, Housekeeping , Property Management, Property Sales, International Vacational Hotel Owner and Management ,
I am USA Citizen eligible to work at any task with an impeccable record and a clean driver’s license. As well I was working on interior design as a side job between big projects for my closer friends and family, I am actually taking online Interior Design classes, in order to stay current with trends, BIM-savy, permanent Autodesk user, Blueprint user.


The other services we provide are: A-) Construction Project Management,B-) Interior Design-- C-) Professional organizer-- D-) Home Stage E-) seasonal decorations-- F-) Special cleaning before and after the parties!!! G-) HOME MANAGEMENT H-) HOME ADVISOR


Marilyn is the best house organizer I have ever had and I'm very particular. She does more than clean, she is great with details and has many ideas for organizing and maximizing your home space. She will treat your home and handle your personal belongings like her own. She is professional and very honest.



I Hired this company to do a Gold Ruby service. Ohh my God I really feel like a Queen



Marilyn is in charge of all my event, every time is successfully.She makes a great Decorations flowers arrangements Everything is set up great



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