Cathy B Smith

editorial stylist, fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Cathy B Smith
campobello, SC

yours cents of style color analysis


"You don't know me but we're neighbors Well, I'M Cathy actually writeing because I owe you an apology . I teach skin care, color analysis and makeup artistry with Color Me Beautiful or Flori Roberts, which are brands that are known by women everywhere because we were in department stores like Macy’s, JC Penney etc. I have been traveling around in my car going to see clients, taking my products all over town, and I have neglected my own neighborhood; Isn't that terrible? So, now I'm going to try to make it up to everyone ...... Are you currently on anyone's Color Me Beautiful or Flori Roberts mailing list? May I put you on mine? With everyone being so busy these days, I do on the go appointments to save you time. I have a 15 minute appointment where you can look at my catalog and play with a few of our products , and then I have a 45 minute appointment where you actually get a makeover!..... If I were to drop by in the next few days with some samples and a catalog for you, would you want the 15 minute “take a look " appointment, or the 45 minute "actually get a makeover" appointment?" 864 347 7385