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Professional Beauty by Arlene Marie

Arlene Garcia

makeup artist

Arlene Garcia

West Covina, CA

Customize your Beauty, The look is in your hands.

Hello Beautiful ladies, my name is Arlene Garcia. I am a freelance makeup artist and I have a true passion for beauty in all areas. This includes keeping your natural skin healthy and flawless to enhancing your features to create a new beautiful you. The transformations are infinite and I am here to create your vision.

I have been practicing makeup professionally for the past five years. I worked as a temporary makeup artist for the clothing brand, Closer Clothing. I was an on call makeup artist for various photo shoots. I wasn't paid but it was an amazing learning experience. I learned how to work in different environments such as, houses, poolsides, and studios. These environments came with challenges for instance, weather, lighting, and limited working space.
I grew up around a famous makeup brand, I'm sure you may have heard of it, "Mary Kay". I constantly learned and practiced new techniques such as color matching, skin types and tones, eye shadow application, and colors for the seasons. I constantly read makeup magazines to keep myself up to date with new trends. I am grateful to my mother for allowing me to experiment with her makeup for all those beginning years. I have come a long way in my practice and I believe there is always room for growth. To become a great makeup artist you must continuously learn new techniques and trends. That is why I am enrolled in QC Makeup Academy.


My services includes:

Bridal Makeup Application
$125 for the Bride
$80 per bridesmaid

Daytime and Nighttime Makeup
$50 per person

Glamour Makeup Application
$60 per person

I work in the areas of West covina, Covina,
Hacienda Heights, la Puente, and Glendora.