QC Career School

Dammika Savithri Seneviratne

interior decorator

Dammika Savithri Seneviratne

Houston, TX

The CREATIVE DESIGNERS have been born things using from natures.....like COLORS,SHAPES,LOCATIONS & COLITIS..are catch on their eye.

I am SAVITHRI SENEVIRATNE , and living Houston Texas, USA. House-wife, and mother's of three. I like my home, garden and any where any thing appear to be some pattern ,design catch on to any ones eye's by attractively. I like live mostly, with nature . The nature have made up from variety of natural things.of..COLORS, SHAPES, LOCATION and COLITIS, and them use build the my marvelous designs. I like this career is appear to the world, that's the why , I have been started at QC CAREER SCHOOL for the Professional learn for me
I do wonder, work with some one else or by my-self about gracious this career.

Thank you,
Savithri Seneviratne

I was born in Ceylon and it is well known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Reason in USA for join with my husband, and I'm mother of three growing children. They are two daughters and one son.
Stating about the career of designs for childhood in mine. I'm eldest child in my family, and first grandchild, the first niece. Always our home ,garden and every thing were design by my ideas, majorly. Always home inside things; furniture, appliance , decorative items were changed by my-self, that appear to in best taste. Any of the day specialized, and with guest was expected in our home Really, I was busy with on the whole day for decorative. Always in past and present, I have received credit from others for my decorating, and this spectacle credit has major encouraged about designs for my carrier.
My favorite subjects were interesting at the school math & science in my school life .That time , I thought .. i was going to be a physician .