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Vanessa Thompson

personal stylist

Vanessa Thompson

Manchester, CT

"stilista" is Italian for designer ...Let me redesign the true beauty you are !!!

I'm a new and upcoming fashion stylist and makeup artist that wants to give you the confidence and style that truly makes you stand out from the rest, but mostly importantly make you feel beautiful and sexy once again. I'm 27 yrs old down to earth girl and have a love for fashion and making everyone feel amazing. When it come to styling people I like to take the time and get to know the clients, what looks they like, what colors and materials?, what celebrity best reflect there style and what looks don't like? What are they willing to try to wear etc? Its all about making the client feel comfortable and letting them know I have their best interest at heart, but I'm willing to work with you.

Before I started out in the fashion world I actually worked as a teacher at daycare centers. I LOVE KIDS they are my heart and my passion just as much at Fashion and makeup artistry. I attend Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic ,CT I will be attending back there in the Fall to finish getting my Associate Degree, while completing my fashion stylist and being a makeup artist. I currently working as a nanny/assistant to a wonderful family.


Makeup services- I'm not only a fashion stylist but I'm also Master Makeup Artist so once I give you the outfit that makes them feel amazing I will personally do your makeup up to really make you stand out from the rest. $50

Short Noticed Styling-  That's right short noticed styling..if ever a client is in a jam and they need an outfit for an event, party, meeting, family pictures etc . Call me right up and for a flat rate I can shop or bring over outfits right over and style you in a flash Clients must provide the amount of money they are willing to spend for the outfit, accessories, and shoes. Makeup Service is included $350

Wardrobe Haul- Now the benefits of being a fashion stylist is not only can you redesign the clients but you can give them a whole new wardrobe. For this service I will completely help clients remove garments that are poor fitting, outdated and outfits that can be savaged and updated to today tends now. Not only will this haul give the clients a chance to fill in the missing holes of there wardrobe, but mix and recreate new looks with old ones. $90 PER HOUR

Personal Stylist/Shopper - As your stylist I will personally go shopping with the client and help you pick and choose the right outfit and create the look that best fits your body, height, and style. $90 PER HOUR

10% Discount to new clients
15% To clients that referred new ones.