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Testimonials for Janice Carter

I am so grateful for your expert planning skills during my 40th Birthday Celebration. I have been blessed to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated my visions with such élite style and professionalism. Every detail exceeded my expectations and my quests were extremely impressed with your expertise. You did an excellent job and are very qualified. I sincerely thank you for making a dream come true. -The McClellans

The McClellans

I would like to sincerely thank you for the hard work and effort you put into making my 40th birthday and promotion celebration one of the best days of my life. You were professional, but very personable when dealing with my desires and I appreciate every detail. Everything was exceptionally beautiful and touched my heart. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again for your support, hard work and making this event exciting throughout the entire process. God sent you to me and I am so grateful! -Isaac


You made Mica's graduation party a day she will always remember. The Red Carpet theme was very entertaining. I enjoyed interviewing her family and friends as they walked the Red Carpet. Her reaction when she entered the room was priceless. The event was well planned and executed seamlessly. The video was the unexpected element and everyone truly enjoyed it. Also, the Grammy award presentations and the posters with her favorite movies were definatley one of a kind. To see her pictures on the posters among the stars was very creative. Thanks again! - The Tuckers

The Tuckers

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for you working with me to plan a surprise birthday party for my wife in March 2011. When I sat down with you to plan this event, you were very open to hear my ideas. When I provided you the location of where I wanted this event to take place, my event planning career was over. I put my trust in you to take of the rest. Although I slightly exceeded my guest list, you were very accommodating to my friends and family. When I walked into the party room at Pappadeaux's, my mouth dropped in "awe". You more than exceeded my expectations in the decorations. All of the tables were elegantly decorated and included a very beautiful itinerary which detailed the plan of the evening. You took a portrait of my wife and had it blown up into an oversized frame which was extremely beautiful. You also created a movie on DVD which incorporated my wife's life from birth to present. This was totally unexpected. Everything you did to plan this event was a total surprise, even to me! If I could sum up your attention to detail, I would simply state "Marvelous". Thank you from the bottom of my heart. C. Jones

C. Jones

Ms. Carter, Thank you so much for assisting me in planning a surprise birthday party for my husband in April 2011. I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wanted something nice for him and we only had two weeks to plan this event. When we sat down to discuss my husband's personality and the things he loved to do, you instantaneously came up with a "Las Vegas" theme. This was perfect because he loves to visit Las Vegas and when he is unable to do so, Winstar is the next best thing (lol). My husband's party was no ordinary "Vegas" party, it was elegantly decorated. When our guests walked in, they had a real feel of being at a casino. We had poker and black jack tables as well as a slot machine which was a huge success. You also had tables set up for others to play cards and dominos. There were televisions in every room which allowed some to watch the playoffs from "March Madness" and another set up with a WII game which included a variety of poker, black jack and other "Dealer" games. Every attention to detail included the "Las Vegas" theme. The full service bar was also a hit and the planned menu of food items had everyone complimenting the party. My husband was completely speechless throughout the entire night and enjoyed every moment of his "Las Vegas" surprise party. I couldn't have come close to what you did for us. Thank you again. MBJ


I want to say what an awesome meeting today. It was just a big WOW event.I have never seen the auditorium look so beautiful!

Cindy - Young Street Yappers (YSY) Club