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Emilie Eirin Ohlson

makeup artist

Emilie Eirin Ohlson


Hi! My name is Emilie (Emily) and I´m soon 24 years old. I am pre-school student at the moment, but always wanted to succeed in the makeup and styling business. I am a hardworking girl. Very few challenges are too big for me! I am real and honest, nice and kind, good with people and love challenges!

I worked a few years (part-time) in the makeup industry, both as a seller and as a makeup artist intern for short periods during my job at Duty Free Gardermoen, with several famous makeup artists working for Chanel, Lancome, Clarins and Dior.
I'm very interested in special effects makeup and has won several competitions in this. I have also been makeup and costume designer for a short film made ​​in Norway, coming out soon!
I work as a freelancer and gives courses on how one should dress and wear make-up on the basis of body shape and age.
Each year I have several projects around the country, and I am very happy with that.
I have never attended any makeup school (until now) and learned everything myself by watching others work and practice often..


I hold basic makeup courses, performing work in Halloween makeup (sfx), carnival make-up, theatrical makeup, everyday makeup, movie makeup, bridal makeup and photography makeup.

I also provide advice in styling for women, men and children of all ages.

My basic courses include how to use and add makeup to all life aspects. I will help you find the colors that suit you and how to use them in the best possible way, as well as how to apply everyday makeup.

When I work with halloween makeup, I like to spend good time so that the best results are achieved. In most cases I make latex wounds and parts myself.

Carnival and theater makeup do I perform on behalf of primary schools and theater groups in the area.

I offer movie make-up (with some sfx) to students at movie schools and others.

I can also be hired for bridal makeup and photography makeup.

Price depends on time, number of people and distance.

Please contact me for rates!


For Halloween I decided to dress up as a zombie mental ward patient. I asked my friend, Emilie, to do my make-up, because I have seen her earlier work. She used latex, gel, fake blood and eyeshadow to make my lip look like it have been burst. It looked so bad (in a great way), that it eventually made my lip hurt for real. She also painted half of my face all bruised and blue. On my throat she made a laceration from one ear to the other, that matched the knife I was wearing all night. All in all I looked horrible and I was more than satisfied. Just to explain her good work, I won a costume contest out on town in Norway's capitol, Oslo.

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