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Sandy Schell

professional organizer

Sandy Schell

Vernon, NY

Get a "fresh start" from Start to Finish!

My name is Sandy and I am the creator of Start to Finish. If you feel your home is cluttered or that it needs reorganizing but you are too overwhelmed to take action, I am here to help. I have been trained to help teach you the skills and mindset it takes to organize and maintain a relaxing home environment. A clean home can lead to significant life changes that can drastically improve your quality of living.

My process begins with a consultaion; at this step we will discuss what you, the client want from this experiece as well as your short and long term goals for your home. Together, we can plan a course of action to address the issues concerning your situation. From there, with the information I have gathered, I will draft a contract which accordingly suits your needs and details the services that I will be providing. The next step, involves the implementation of the project, based on my plan of action. I will offer a maintenence plan so you can stay on track if you so desire.

All services provided will be confidential.

I was born and raised in a close-knit community full of friendly faces and, through my upbringing, I've come to value personal relationships.
I have earned an associetes degree, majoring in photography, minoring in psychology. I am also certified as a professional organizer through the QC Design School.


- The initial consultation in which we talk over and formulate our plan of action.
-A drafting phase, where we will iron out any and all details. A time frame will be discussed, as well as a fee-schedule.
- From there the decluttering and organizing begins.
- After it's all said and done we can plan a course of action to maintain a relaxing home environment from "Start to Finish".