Jennifer Jensen

professional organizer

Jennifer Jensen
Calgary, AB

Commitment to lasting organization, from the inside and out

My name is Jennifer Jensen and I am committed to making your life organized from the inside, out. Professional Organization is my newest adventure, although, looking back I have been interacting in this field my entire life. Whether it was rearranging my personal space every few months to see how peices felt in different spaces, to the extreme of helping a friend declutter an entire home I have always loved the challenge of a new space and making it reflect the current needs of the individual. I am confident, compassionate and I can take on any challenge no matter how overwhelming it may feel at the time.

My passion to embark on this journey really came out when I started and ran a ladies consignment store in Calgary. Seeing the need for "airing" out closets and giving my customers suggestions about processes and tips opened the flood gates for the rest of the home and general space. I have also studied Energy Medicine, Chakra Healing and Crystal Therapy and have noticed through-out the years how important it is in our personal lives and ventures to have a solid core. Which, for our purposes, can be interpreted as a clean, clear, aesthetically pleasing place we spend great amounts of time in.
Previously to the shoppe I owned a small restaurant and bar for 3 years. The art of organizing a business venture and making it successful is one I covet. Success starts in managing time and human resources and if you are an Entreprenuer or Corporation the benefits of organization are imperative.
My experience in life has enabled me to deal with clients of various backrounds and needs and facilitating these needs start with listening. I am patient and will always work towards the common goal of creating order and peace in my clients lives.


As a Professional Organizer I work with my clients to declutter, organize and create systems of order in all areas of a home, office and business. This includes making suggestions for arranging furniture and other peices in these areas to accomodate a clients needs and desires. As well as introducing new peices and tools to make the process more effiecient. I am also committed to eco-freindly methods of eliminating items from a clients space as well as green solutions for organization.