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Rachel Saunders

green designer, home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Rachel Saunders

Newton, MA

Staged to Sell

Saunders’ Studio offers the best in home Redesign, Remodel and Staging. Our mission is to maximize your home’s potential; to get your house sold and for the best possible price.

Within 15 seconds the buyer has formed an opinion about your home. We are passionate about home staging and will uncover the most creative and cost effective ways to impact that buyer.

We are focused on creating a beautiful, defined and spacious atmosphere while depersonalizing your décor to allow buyers the opportunity to envision themselves and their belonging in the space.

After almost 20 years in the digital marketing industry, Rachel sold her advertising agency in 2012 and returned to school to pursue her passion in interior design. Leveraging her marketing prowess, business expertise and design passion she launched Saunders' Studio in 2013.

Rachel is a certified Home Redesign and Staging Professional and works with her husband’s construction company on bigger/more in-depth projects.

Rachel also completed the MA Real Estate exam and is a licensed agent.


Home Staging & Redesign
- Services include occupied, vacant or model-home staging & redesign for sale. In the initial consultation, we will address the seller’s goals and tour the home with objectivity. We will evaluate the interior of the home, room by room, emphasizing the focal points and always utilizing existing furniture and accessories when available. Additionally, we will analyze the exterior of the home, the curb appeal and address any minor repairs or upgrades needed. Finally we will present the home owner with a complete Staging Recommendation. From here the seller can employ Saunders’ Studio to execute the plan or move forward on the plan themselves. This initial consultation can range from $250-750.
- The actual staging process will be customized to the individual home owner's needs, services include: Color consultation, furniture placement and flow, recommended updates (floors, bath etc.), depersonalization, decluttering and organization, improved curb appeal and minor repairs. Additionally, we will offer “day of” Open House services as well as post-staging photography to add to your MLS listing.

Redesign & Organization
- Redesign allows you to refresh your style and make your space feel new and invigorated. We can help hone your current style or introduce you to new style and trends. We will work to improve the flow of your home though furniture placement, change the feel of a space with paint, renew a room by repositioning artwork and accessories or simply design solutions for your organizational needs. With Redesign and Organization the initial consultation will result in a recommendation/proposal for the specific scope of work for an identified space.

Color Consultation
- Color theory is one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s wheelhouse. It can set a mood, convey emotion, invoke a reaction or simply inspire. However color relates to you, believe us it will also relate to your potential buyers, you just don’t know how. Whether you need to neutralize the palate for potential buys or are looking to spice up your current surroundings, color plays a large role in the feeling of your home.
- “Color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways” –Oscar Wilde