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Carla Pickerill

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Carla Pickerill

Moss Landing, CA

Let Pickerill's Professional Organizing be your pick for a clutter-free environment!!

After working thirty plus years in the healthcare industry, I decided that I needed a change of pace. I also knew I had developed numerous skills over the years and still felt the “calling” to help people through difficult times. I have always been extremely organized and my friends have teased me throughout the years as being “obsessive compulsive”. After much thought, I decided to delve into professional organizing. . . . .

My specialty is environmental downsizing in order to create a clutter-free and safe environment. If you are someone who is moving into a smaller house/apartment or a family member, with an aging parent who needs a safer environment, I can assist in all areas of the downsizing process including, but not limited to: space planning, furniture layout, and decorating. The end result is a comfortable and harmonious home in which to live.

Caring and compassion along with assertive communication is my business philosophy

1981- Bachelor in Science Degree from School of Nursing University of California -
San Francisco
2014- To Graduate from Professional Organizing Program
QC Career School located in Silver Spring, MD 20901

Over thirty years of healthcare experience in acute and home health care. Recently employed as RN Case Manager in a local hospital assisting patient and families in developing discharge plans for placement in skilled nursing and assistive living facilities. Seven years in home healthcare developing safe living environments for the disabled and elderly. I am extremely detail oriented, can multi-task and problem solve quickly, in order to achieve results. I will develop organizational solutions customized to the individual in order to maximize strengths and reduce limitations. If you or a loved one has physical limitations, I can create a safe, effective environment that will help to reduce stress and improve safety


This assessment usually lasts for about two hours. I will make a visual inspection of the home and meet with my client’s to determine their priorities and goals. Based on each room, the client’s activities and benefits of the reorganization will be identified. Based on the information obtained, I will then develop a specific and individualized action plan in order to achieve the desired results.

The plan will include the following:
A detailed floor plan that will include:
*The focal point of the room
* Furniture configuration
* Clearance space (an open space between two items)
Usage of various storage solutions such as:
* Case Goods (all box-like storage furniture or structures)
*Fixed Storage (space, area, or case goods used for storage that can’t be moved)
*Modular (Parts that can be used separately or complete, i.e. book case or entertainment center)
*Movable Storage

A second meeting will be needed in order to review the plan developed and arrange a time to begin the organizational process.

***If the client is moving to a new location, I will need to see both the old and new locations. An additional cost of $25-50 will be charged depending on distance.


Coaching: $250
I will develop the plan, as explained above, that the client can complete within a time frame and I will follow up with visits at periodic intervals to offer encouragement and guidance. The client can also contact me at any time with questions and/or for guidance.

One on One Sessions: $50/hour
I will develop the plan, as explained above, and work directly with the client to de-clutter, purge, clean, reorganize, and utilize space in order to achieve the desired goal. I can assist with choosing appropriate storage solutions in order to achieve the best results. With this service, I can also arrange for removal of discarded items, either through donation, sale, recycling, or trash removal. Any cost incurred will be the responsibility of the client.

With both types of services I provide consultation and educational tips and solutions in order for the client to keep the environment clutter free and organized.