Stevie Martinez

makeup artist

Stevie Martinez
Kent, WA

Makeup is not a choice, it's a lifestyle!!

Why, hello there my beauties! My name is Stevie, no not like Stevie Wonder :) I am 25 and I have a passion for wanting to make people feel beautiful on inside by making them beautiful on the outside. To me, makeup is a way of expressing myself and more or less standing out. I am a loud, energetic, random person and I tend to show it through my makeup! Ever since I was a teenager I have LOVED the way makeup can transform a persons over all look just by adding a few things. I watched YouTube religiously and basically taught myself how to apply makeup. My friends and family would always give me compliments on how cool or unique my makeup is, never thought about making it my profession until I figured out that you have to do what you love in order to be happy, and I love makeup! I currently am working at a cosmetic counter in our mall and its amazing!! I love talking to people and getting to know them while applying their makeup! my personality tends to make the quiet, shy person come out of their shell, because after all, being yourself never hurt anyone!! :D