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Sarah Hyma

makeup artist

Sarah Hyma

Muskegon, MI

Sarah Joy's Makeup Artistry

Hello! My name is Sarah Joy Hyma, and I am a Makeup Artist through QC Makeup Academy. I love doing bridal looks, proms, special occasions, fun looks, and the everyday makeup look. I have a passion for makeup, and I am confident that whatever the occasion, I can help make you look and feel red-carpet ready!

I started having a love for makeup when I turned 14, and got my first tube of mascara. Who knew that painting my eyelashes with black stuff could make me feel so pretty! As I got older, I started to get into eye shadow, a little foundation, and a dab of blush here and there. It didn't explode until I attended my first Mary Kay facial party with friends, and after that I was hooked. Skincare, eye primer, makeup brushes, highlighters- the possibilities were endless! As I started to grow in my knowledge of makeup, my friends became my canvases, and my makeup bag grew into taking over the bathroom counter. (My husband complains he doesn't have any room, but hey- beauty takes time- and room!) After a while of my ongoing obsession, I thought. "Hey, I think I could make this into a career...". So that's exactly what I am doing, combining my love of makeup with my love of art to become a great makeup artist. Makeup is always growing and changing, and I intend to learn, grow, and change with it so I can make every woman my brushes touch look and feel stunning!


Currently I am offering services to Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and the surrounding cities (i.e. Whitehall, Grand Haven, Ravenna, etc.). I do bridal makeup, weddings, proms, senior pictures, reunions, special occasions, and more. I will meet you on site, and provide all the products and tools necessary to complete the job.