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Jessica Vasquez

wedding planner

Jessica Vasquez

Sydney, NSW

Bring your creative dream to life

I want you to imagine your dream wedding, all of the inspiring and creative ideas that make your special day unique. Now I want you to imagine being able to bring that dream to life but substitute the harmful, wasteful materials and services with Eco-Friendly alternatives. Sounds almost impossible? Envisioned Weddings was brought to life just as your dream wedding will be. We believe in creating the most spectacular and unique experience but with the lowest possible impact on our environment.

My name is Jessica Vasquez. I am the driving force behind Envisioned Weddings. The owner and visionary who wants to give Brides and Grooms creative, unique and beautiful Eco-Friendly alternatives in today’s wedding industry. I met my partner in high school, we have been together ever since and that’s when I specifically started focusing my attention towards the wedding industry. Being your typical teenage girl I started planning my own wedding well in advance, and I fell in love with the freedom, the design and the personal touches. I then focused my attention towards Eco-Friendly alternatives as I have always been conscious of our environment and living an Eco-Friendly lifestyle has brought me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. I want couples all over Australia to share this with me.


Envisioned Weddings focuses on the styling and design of your wedding. On top of that we have a range of decorations and props for hire to bring your vision to life.
Our Wedding Styling Package includes
- An initial consultation and discussion on the direction of your wedding and its budget.
- Based on the initial consultation we will then prepare a proposal. The proposal will provide you with ideas, costing and suppliers.
-We then meet again and discuss the proposal, ensure that what we have envisioned is what you have envisioned, it’s important to be on the same page.
-When you are one hundred percent excited and happy with the look of your dream we can go ahead and start purchasing and organising delivery. We will be with you 100 percent of the way, making the calls and ensuring all design aspects of your wedding is fine tuned.
-You will have constant access to us, and we will check in every other day either by phone, face to face or email, depending on what you prefer to keep you in the loop with what has been organised and what is still to be done.
-A folder will be created where all the details of our work will be presented to you after everything has been booked. This will be shown to you at our final meeting before the big day. This folder includes pictures of all items purchased along with their price, delivery date and time and any other information needed.
-On the big day your wedding stylist will be there to ensure all is set up and delivered perfectly. The set up and pack up of these items are also included in the price. Staff to help with the set up and pack down of these items will also be provided by us.