Cindy Bailey

event planner

Cindy Bailey
Montreal, QC

my name is Cindy and i have a passion for planning and organizing birthday parties
i am a mom of 4 kids so this passion has started at home with my own children and when school started i joined the committee and had such a blast planning all the fundraiser's that i knew this was my calling in life and since then i have planned TONS
of fundraiser's and parties that have all turned out to be huge success .

i have planned some really great fundraisers i have planned a Easter egg hunt in a park with Q 92 present and over 100 happy egg hunters i have also planned a carnival day at my kids school which was a huge success.i have also planned the graduation party and all the teachers and kids had a great time.

my birthday parties i plan are so detailed that parents coming to drop kids off are shocked and wanting to stay for the party .

i have planned holidays parties such as Halloween and as school starts i got parents asking if they can help out in my haunted house this year they look forward to my Halloween party just as much as the kids do .


hi offer my services to anyone looking to do parties and have a budget i work with you to find that perfect party and make lasting memories for the birthday boy/girl
and all with out going broke doing it i show you where you need to spend the money and where the money will just be wasted .also will do loot bags where kids KEEP the items long after the party ends and i am about being green so no throw away plates and cups all reusable .
i do prefer children's parties and fundraisers but i am open to anything .
so if your child want's a perfect princess party maybe a pirate theme party and your at a lost where to start well email me join my group and see what fun we can have to together .