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Zeina Haddad

professional organizer

Zeina Haddad

Westmount, QC

New born space in mature homes.

I am a married woman who cares about her wonderful husband and her precious son. I graduated from International College in Beirut, Lebanon. I enjoy taking care of my family and always had a thrill for the indoors.Taught private swimming courses for beginners for children ,adults and seniors. Private tutor in three languages: French,English and Arabic.I love travelling with my family and collect precious items from each country.

I used to seek all the latest trends and updates on decor for organizing closets, drawers, rooms, and more in homes. I have a passion for using antique furniture. I took for years watercolor classes that enriched my artistic senses and made me have a new lens in design and organizing. I graduated from International College of Beirut with a French Baccalaureate. I have over 20 years of experience in designing offices, houses, meeting rooms and private parties. Constantly moving throughout continents, I have developed an understanding of the different home design styles such as Middle Eastern, European and North American home designs.


I specialize in designing, organizing and refurnishing houses, offices and meeting rooms of any sizes and specifications needed. My objective is to design the space based on the client's specific needs and wants within the budget.
• I aim to make offices professional, well organized and comfortable to facilitate work. • Refurnishing, organizing and/or renovating homes is essential. Home is where the heart is, making sure the family's dream home comes true is my dream.