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Melissa Pasallo

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Melissa Pasallo
Phoenix, AZ

Taking your dream and making it reality.

Being the youngest of three older sisters, taking charge, organization, and being quick on my feet has always been common sense. I have always been the one wanting to take charge and I enjoy relieving stress from others. What I do is more than a job, it's therapy to me. I make sure to get to know my client and their wants, and do anything in my power to make all of their dreams come true. I live for the smile on my clients face when they see their vision come together. I love EVERY moment, good or bad.

I am still learning the ins and outs of the career I have ahead of me but I have also dabbled in Event Planning type activities since elementary school. Simply in elementary school, we would have "friday fun" days and I would always volunteered to help come up with ideas as well as decorate and plan out times. I also would help with certain publications. Middle school I was in yearbook and student council which allowed us to arrange all dances and activities during lunch time, in which I was always in charge of. From elementary until graduating college, I have always been the leader in each project, as well as helped student council with events, ideas, and decorations after I had already graduated. I organized events for clubs and sports I was involved in, as well as fought for and LGBT club to be allowed in our school. Hosting meetings, board meetings, events for support and awareness. I have always been extremely organized and full of ideas. This also carried on to jobs after high school, where in my manager positions, I was always given the task to plan events or i would volunteer myself. The only educational courses I've taken have been with QC Event School.