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Lori Eisner

professional organizer

Lori Eisner

Buffalo Grove, IL

Complete Organization for Today's Chaotic World.

Hi! My name is Lori Eisner and my business is called Clutter Free 4 Life. I will help you maximize your space and make it more captivating. I will help your home/office become organized, decluttered and contribute solutions to simplify your chaotic life by making your home/office functional and stress free. And most of all, make your world less chaotic.

Before becoming certified in the Advanced Professional Organizing course I was a Preschool teacher and a Stay at home mom. I believe the preschool is where my interest in organizing and decluttering began! As a Preschool teacher I wanted my classroom to be functional. I moved furniture around to enhance the diverse sections of the room. I labeled toy bins so it was easy for the children to place toys where they belong. And also, I desired to have my classroom orderly.
After being married for over 10 years, lived in two homes and had a son I realized I needed to declutter the house. My husband and I donated items to local charities, had a garage sale and gave baby items to friends and family members. Once all the clutter was gone I went to work organizing my son's toys, important documents, and rearranging furniture to maximize the space.
I desire for you to have that same feeling I had once I decluttered and organized my house. A stress free decluttered home/office will make you at ease and relaxed. Also, it will give you more time to visit with friends and family or engage in your favorite hobbies.


As a Professional Organizer I will have a walk through consultation, take a tour of your home/office and evaluate your organizational needs.
I will fill out a detailed client Needs Analysis assessing your concerns and goals. After the consultation, which should take an hour or less, I'll write up a report. The report will outline my suggestions, including advice on where to start and the steps involved. I will recommend organizational systems and various products you may want to purchase.
You and I will conquer the clutter together, determine what should stay or be tossed, how each room should function and how items should be stowed so they can be easily retrieved. I will also teach you some key organizational principles and customized step by step rules that will help you stay organized in the long run. During the consultation we will discuss a plan for maintenance and follow up appointments.
If you decide to utilize my services; we will discuss the price of the service along with signing a customer contract. The contract includes a summary of my service to you, estimated fee of services, cancellation policy and deposit which is non-refundable. The consultion fee is usually $50.00 but it will be 50% off until Labor Day.
I cater to downsizing seniors, the busy professional, stay at home parents and anyone else who desires my help. I don't know if you noticed how many times the word clutter was used, now let's see if we can do without it!