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Nancy Fields

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Nancy Fields

Hahira, GA

Dedicated To Making Your Dream A Reality

I am a wedding planner living in Hahira, Georgia. I am a wife and a mother of 3 married children. I believe each wedding should be unique and should reflect the personalities of the couple. I always remind couples that a wedding is more than just a party. It is the celebration of the MARRIAGE of two individuals into one.

I began directing weddings in my home-town church in 1996. As the weddings grew and became more complex, I was called upon more often. I learned from each wedding and was able to apply my knowledge to help brides and grooms enjoy the type of wedding day they had envisioned. Eventually, I was able to help couples plan complete weddings. In addition to directing weddings, I have directed and catered receptions and planned and catered bridal luncheons. My favorite task is working with brides and grooms to make their wedding day a joyous occasion by taking the stress away so they and their wedding party can relax and enjoy their day.
I have been blessed by each couple I have worked with and find this to be a wonderful business to be involved in. I look forward to each new client.


I believe that any wedding can be beautiful and I consult with each couple individually to develop a plan that suits their needs, timeline and budget. My complete wedding planning package begins with a consultation and includes services such as budgeting, working with various vendors, arranging meetings with bridal shops, florists, photographers, musicians, caterers and bakers. I will confirm arrangements with limo services, hotels, restaurants and clergy. I will monitor expenses in order to keep the plans within budget and make sure all vendor contracts are honored and paid efficiently. I can even offer extra services including returning the tuxedos to the rental shop after the wedding and delivering the wedding gown for cleaning and preserving. If necessary, I can also arrange for dance lessons to make sure the bridal party looks good on the dance floor!
If complete wedding planning is more than you need, I also offer individual “Day Of” services. These include directing the rehearsal and wedding. I will work with the officiant during the rehearsal to ensure that each member of the bridal party is comfortable with their particular duties on the day of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, I will check last minute details with the florist, musicians, photographers and bridal party. I will keep a wedding day timeline so that everyone is dressed and ready on time. I will work with the photographer to complete preliminary pictures before guests arrive. I will be in charge of starting the wedding on time and I always get a little teary-eyed when I finally send the bride down the aisle.
I can also contract to direct the reception. This includes working with the caterer, photographer,florist, musicians, baker and limo services. I will attend to details and timing to make sure everything goes as planned. I will make sure the vendors are paid and that the site is secured after the bridal party has left.
Even as each couple is unique, so is each wedding. I look forward to new ideas and am always looking for ways to improve my services. I am available throughout the south Georgia and north Florida area.


Nancy, Thanks so much for your hard work & expertise directing the wedding. Your calm voice and manner "soothed our souls". It was so hot, hot, hot, but you were great. I cherish our friendship and thank God for you.

Marianne Soper