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Nicole Blais

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Nicole Blais

Hanmer, ON

Time is of the essence, simplify your life!

My name is Nicole Blais. My interest in design and organization skills started at the tender age of 7. Having been raised in an Entrepreneurial family, I owned and operated my first business as a Creative Stylist at the of 19. Over the next few years the growth of my studio and staff grew expediently and I was well on my way to becoming the next Entrepreneur in our family.

Organized and detail oriented, I enjoy interior design, space design, event planning for Corporations and private parties, and working with families of Seniors to ensure peace of mind during life transitional changes. I also enjoy teaching others problem solving and new creative ways to enhance their lives by becoming organized. I have a keen sense on how to tackle projects that seem overwhelming to my clients.

As a prominent business woman in our community, I strive to make a difference by investing time in our community and making it a great place to live. For the past 15 years, I've been developing and planning events in our community to support children. I developed an event for a charity and in three short years have raised over 1 million dollars. My biggest asset is my clients. I ensure that they are allowed to express themselves throughout their projects. As an Entrepreneur in my community, I've supported many other organizations by developing projects for Seniors and Health Care Organizations, Retirement Living and Long Term Care, Co-Authoring a case study for Nursing Students from Laurentian University, and creating interior design spaces and personal rooms for a Seniors development in our community.

One of my recent clients refers to me as "Her Go to Girl". New to our community, Lise has engaged my services to outsource out an apartment tackle her personal organization and business needs.

My passion and love is to create a home, business or space that allows my clients to achieve to their full potential without the everyday worry of being organized in order to be productive within a set time- frame.

As I continue to work and partner with families of our aging population to ensure peace of mind, and advocate during times of transition, it's a gentle reminder of how time is of the essence to simplify one's life.


Project Management- Residential and Corporate
Home Staging and Interior Design
Seniors Matter
Life Style Management
Event Planning and Development (Corporate and Private)
Estate Services
Divorce and Separation