QC Career School

Tessa Maglio

professional organizer

Tessa Maglio

St Augustine, FL

The Fastest Organizing In Town.

Hi my name is Tessa Maglio. I'm a professional organizer. My special area are small rooms that make a big impact. I work with the home owner. Everything I do is eco.

My schooling was done at QC Design School, In Canada. Most of the people that I have worked for are family and friends. After sometime everyone is my friend.


The services that I gave out are the day to day organizing that help you get the chores done and get the kids ready for school and be there on time. Everything I do, I keep in mind the best way we can stay earth friendly. On top of helping you with your day to day organizing I'm also happy in organizing all you seasonal items.


Tessa came on time and was ready to work. A big help I also learned so much.

Taylor Armondi

Great worker. Wish I called earlier.

Patti Rafferty