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Stacey Backshell

event planner, wedding planner

Stacey Backshell


I am a self motivated event and wedding planner with a passion for providing you with the perfect event that will be remember forever.

I want to make everyone's big day’s unforgettable weather it's a wedding, birthday, christening, Christmas or Halloween. I love coming up with ideas on how to make it the funniest, craziest, scariest or most romantic day of someone's life. Setting up a Halloween party with a haunted house, Lurch (from the Adams family movie) answering the creaking door and Thing (the hand - also from the Adams family) handing out eyeballs and entrails. The bushes shaking and making creepy noises when people walk past and cobwebs hanging all over the place, sending shivers down everyone's spines. Then going the complete opposite way and coming up with the most elegant and magical idea's for someone's wedding, putting them into the decorations, the lighting and showing the love a couple share to everyone special in their lives. Creating the right mood for the couple, whether it’s a celebration or a romantic scene filled with soft ice blue and white colors, ice blue and white fairy lighting and choosing the right venue to make that fairy-tale setting come to life, making their dream become a reality. The rewards are amazing, being there when the event comes to life and becoming the clients perfect day. The job is its own reward.

Since I was young I imagined being Jennifer Lopez in "The Wedding Planner", giving people their dream wedding day. Then when I turned 13 I started working at a Hayling Island Sailing Club, the 2nd biggest sailing club on the south coast of England. While working there over 10 years I set up, worked during and cleared down many events. From wedding's, christening's, birthday's, and funerals to corporate events for a security company and club members meetings. From small to big sailing events for people from all around the world, small events like the laser nationals to big events like the laser worlds. Their all amazing to be a part of, to dedicate your time to organizing meals for 50 to 350 people, making sure you have enough stock for people to drink and eat, making sure the room is dressed to impress. I was lucky to be a part of it for so long.

I now work in a catering company, organizing weddings, parties and wakes for clients. My job consists of E-mailing client's, finding out what they are looking for, setting up meeting's and tasting's. Discussing details and requirements from beginning to end and organizing and managing staff to work at the events.

I love working until everything is perfect, organizing the event down to the smallest detail and making the client happy.


I am offering you my services from coming up with new interesting ideas and getting you started to organizing an event from beginning to end. It is your choice weather you would like me to plan your event for you or plan and execute it with you to get you started or help you complete your perfect event. I cover the whole of Hampshire and West Sussex. I charge hourly and would love to help you in any way I can. My services are 75 pounds per hour and I promise you it's worth every penny. hiring me can save you hours of searching to finding a reasonable price for everything you will need, I do all the leg work and keep you up to date on all my progress and confirm with vendors before the event. My job is to take the weight off your shoulders, to relieve your stress and allow you to enjoy your event along with all your guests.