Charlene Gammiero

makeup artist

Charlene Gammiero
Rochester, NY

Makeup application designed for you

Hello, my name is Charlene (Char) Gammiero. I am currently enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry Program at QC Makeup Academy. I am very excited and I am enjoying the learning very much. After receiving my certificate I will be working as a Freelance Makeup Artist. My approach will be to make all my clients feel that they are beautiful in their own way. I would like to also work with other professionals such as photographers and perhaps in the creative and expressive field of local theater.

I have always been interested in makeup and it's uses ever since I was a young girl putting on my mom's lipstick and clogging around the wood floors of our home in her spiked heels feeling very glamourous. I have worked locally as a model and in local TV commercials as well as print for buisness publications and local industry training videos. During this time, whenever possible I would ask many questions to the makeup artist and photographer about why they chose to use certain types of makeup and their choice of colors. I wanted to know all about how the technical part, lightening etc. played in the ultimate makeup application and finished product. At the moment I am looking forward with great anticipation to the time when I can weld my brushes with powder and paints and begin my life of creating beauty and igniting the imaginations of all my clients.


Available for Photo Shoots, Weddings, Special Events, TV/ Video, Theater Productions