Muditha Pithya

event planner, wedding planner

Muditha Pithya

planning and executing events with outstanding quality of service.

i am muditha pithya . i married and have got two children . Currently I am working as a ticket desk agent at virgin atlantic airways. I am planing to do my own business .presently I am following wedding and event planning course. I hoping this course will help to build my future business.

I am very well versed with Microsoft Office related applications and email/Internet systems. I have built good team working, communication and organisational skills. I am able to work on own initiative to meet deadlines and targets for the success.Together with my experience gained in the past, I wish to take up new challenges and to contribute to my business to improve its goals and objectives to my fullest capacity. I am a good planner . I achieve this by marketing event and wedding planning services and by receiving referrals from satisfied clients.


a consultation , follow up the meetings, develop options for venue , helping to choose venue, catering arrangements, organise florist , organise church, Manage guest list, develop the seating plan, order wedding cake, bridal shower , stag and doe parties , planning and preparations the package , complete the planning service .