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"PEARLS OF WISDOM" Wedding Coordinator: The Best of Both Worlds! Receive the good judgment, the personalized service and attention to deta

I am your wedding coordinator! I will do everything it takes to make your wedding day a memorable event for you both. My job will be to help you meet your budget, meet your expectations and lower your stress level. Your wedding day is just that – yours. Not mine, not your mother’s, not even your bridesmaids’! I will do everything in my power to help you create the wedding of your dreams that fits your style, your unique needs and your personality.

I became involved in planning weddings by chance, when I stepped in to assist my assistant, Ida with the planning of her wedding. Ida wanted a small backyard wedding with just family and close friends. While “no frills” was the plan, still there was much to do to make the day a successful one. Her wedding was a team effort, with bride, groom and me pitching in to turn a leaf-covered back yard into an elegant wedding and reception space. Our first task was to rake and bag hundreds of leaves strewn throughout the front and back yards (just a minor detail Ida forgot to tell me about!) Then we set up and decorated the trellis, chairs, buffet table, drink station and stereo area. I then took it upon myself to make cold cut trays for the buffet. On Saturday Ida got the classic “cold feet” and refused to get married! I did what any good wedding planner would do, I counseled her. What an ordeal, but after much ado about nothing she walked down the stairs behind her children and took her vows. The wedding was lovely and all Ida. It was right then, while watching her special day go off marvelously and knowing that I had a large hand in making that happen, that a spark in me began to glow.

My second wedding was again, back yard and small for Cindy (daughter of a friend). However this time I vacuumed, cleaned house, spot-removed carpet and dyed the bride’s hair. I followed those tasks with making food trays and decorating the back yard and designing buffet, punch bowl and gift tables. The bride looked gorgeous and her hair was perfect, the day was warm and bright and everyone had a wonderful time. Mom was glad it was over!

My biggest triumph, however, was Karen & Jerry’s wedding. I started at the beginning and I ended at 6 PM the day of the wedding. I did it all- flowers, decorator, minister, hall, DJ, you name it! As in any wedding, problems occurred that needed to be handled in a decisive and efficient way. The bridal bouquet was dead-on-arrival. Imagine! No problem. I arranged for a new one that showed up just as she was coming down the stair walk. The baker forgot the top of the wedding cake. No problem. After my firm discussion with the baker on behalf of the bride and groom, the she jumped through hoops to produce a new one in time for the presentation of the cake. The bride and groom were grateful for my presence and quick, efficient handling of the issues. They were able to relax with the knowledge that I would handle whatever problem arose. Despite the minor glitches, it was a beautiful day and they were a beautiful couple.

It was after this extremely successful event that that spark in me grew to a burning flame. I loved planning weddings, I realized – and I was exceptionally good at it! My willingness to go the extra mile for my customers (remember the leaves and the hair-dye?), my attention to detail and organization skills and my ability to incorporate your personality and style into an elegant and sophisticated event make me your best choice among wedding planners. Accept my Pearls of Wisdom and you will experience the wedding of your dreams!


My services are flexible. I offer complete or partial services, hourly services, base-price services and Friday and Saturday only services.

I will work my contract around what ever it is that you want for your wedding.
· I can start from the beginning and get involved
with planning everything.
· I can help with rehearsal and wedding day only
· I can do just the rehearsal or just the wedding

My goal is to meet your needs and lay the groundwork for you to have a successful wedding. My fees will be based on the needs of the couple and of course, most importantly, your budget.


Dearest Dottie, Just wanted to say thank you for a job very well done. It was very relaxing to know we only had to show up at the ceremony and that you were in control of everything else. This allowed us to truly enjoy the ceremony as much as every guest had told us they did. Unique, romantic and beautiful are only a few of the words we heard. You certainly played a major role in making this happen. Dorothy you volunteered to be the coordinator for our wedding as a wedding present to us, We think you handled the Event magnificently! We even had guests who did not attend the ceremony compliment on how beautiful the other guests said the ceremony was. We sincerely enjoyed working with you, keep up the great work. Thanks from the both of us.

Karen Green and Nathanial Johnson July 21, 2007