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Jillian MacDcdonald

professional organizer

Jillian MacDcdonald

Kentville, NS

Organizing solutions for your home

"Out of clutter, find simplicity" ~ Albert Einstein

I am passionate about helping people find simple, affordable solutions to staying organized and taking control of their personal space. Whether it is a storage room filled with Christmas clutter or a guest bedroom that has become a catch-all, I can help you reclaim and revitalize your home.

For 15 years I have been working with diverse populations of people, from those experiencing homelessness, to seniors living independently and in assisted living facilities. My approach has always been to meet people where they are and to offer assistance based on what they need.

As I have studied to become a Professional Organizer, I have learned that like my previous work, helping people organize their homes requires the same approach. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to creating an organized space.

Regardless of how big or small your project is, I can help you realize your goals and help you develop the skills to maintain a clean, calm and de-cluttered environment for many years to come.


Personal Consultation
We will meet in your home to discuss your goals for your organizing project.

Customized, step-by-step plan
Together, we will create an itemized plan and timeline for accomplishing your goals.

De-cluttering, space planning and storage solutions
Working side by side, we will sort, recycle, re-home and relinquish the clutter that is creating chaos in your home, finding affordable and effective storage solutions that will help you stay organized long after the project is complete.

Coaching and skill building
We will work together to identify how to recognize the causes of the clutter and learn how to maintain a clutter-free environment once the project is complete.

Ongoing support and assistance
Once the job is complete we will make a plan for regular checkups and ongoing support to help you maintain your accomplishments and new organizing habits.