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Nicole Esposito

professional organizer

Nicole Esposito

Utica, NY

Contact me to help you organize your rooms, closets, and more...

My name is Nicole Esposito and I am training to become a professional organizer. I decided to get into the professional organizing business because I am truly an organizer at heart. At 23 years old I have always been extremely organized with my life. In college I had my college dorm room organized as well as I could with two other roommates. I then kept my college house organized having three roommates. After getting through all of that and realizing that I was able to maintain organization and also push it on other people hahaha, I determined I had a knack for organizing. Once I realized this I decided to put my method to the test and decided to officially learn how to be a professional organizer through the QC Design School. Once I have completed the course I will be an Advanced International Organizing Professional™.

I grew up in Utica, NY and have basically lived here all my life. I first started my professional education at Mohawk Valley Community College where I earned my associates degree in Psychology. I then transferred to SUNY Oswego where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. After graduating I entered the “real world” and started working at an office that helps patients who have ADHD & Autism and other Psychological Disorders. There I learned a lot about the field but didn’t know if it was right for me. Feeling as though my future was in limbo I took some time to determine what I thought would be a good way for me to make a living and also enjoy doing what I do. And that is where I decided to look into a career in professional organizing.


I would like to be able to help people with whatever types of organizing services someone may need. Helping people organize their rooms, closets and more. If someone needed help with organizing a move and then unpacking in order for their house to be set up for them when they walk through the door I would love to be that person to help someone with that. Say you need help deciding what to sell and how to organize a garage sale I can be that person to help you! If you want to clean out your attic or are deciding to downsize then contact me and I would love to help you in whatever way possible.