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Testimonials for Dawn Sims

"I own a production company and have used Ms. Sims' services on a number of projects. Ms. Sims has fantastic attention to detail in her work, a problem solver, and is a pleasure to work with. I feel that Ms. Sims would be a great asset to any company, regardless of its needs."

Timothy Haynze Whitmore, The Whix Company Inc.

I have had several makeup applications done by Dawn. Each time she has presented herself professionally and has been extremely knowledgeable about her products as well as my skin and types of makeup that should be used. She is prepared for the application, her makeup kit is spotless, her brushes are clean and she has the ability to make me feel very at ease while sitting two inches from her face. She demonstrates expertise in explaining in what she is doing before doing it, so I am prepared as she touches my face. She also talks to me as she is applying makeup and gives me chances to look in the mirror. I rarely take them because I trust her ability. The results always amaze me and I would be glad if Dawn could do my makeup every day! I have been extremely pleased with her work and would gladly sit in her chair for any occasion.

Sarah Renner, Client

"Dawn was instrumental in putting together the wardrobe for my character in the short film, "WADE". Her sense of style and attention to detail was spectacular."

Kim Poirer, Actress http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0688495/?ref_=sr_1

"Dawn's skills were an absolute asset to have on one of our fast-paced, makeup heavy productions. She exhibited tremendous flexibility during last minute scene changes, adapted well when shooting or effects problems were experienced, and produced terrific results throughout the 12 hour shoot."

Ryan Blazic, Project Dark Films