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Krista DeEsch

event planner, wedding planner

Krista DeEsch

Allentown, PA

The party you want - the party we make happen.

You’re invited!... to join us on our venture of planning your event or wedding exactly as you want it-without all the stress. We can make your wishes become reality. Our professional and detail-oriented approach will make your special day seem spontaneous and effortless. Whether your theme is flowers and lace or dark and spooky, we can make it happen beyond your expectations.

For as long as I can remember, planning all kinds of parties has always been fun for me. I figured, why not take what I love and turn it into a career. Currently studying with QC Career School and working hard to finish my studies, I’m excited to begin work in this industry. I enjoy helping others, so to be able to help clients throw the most memorable party ever is the ultimate feeling. Let me help you plan your next event so you can enjoy the time you had and remember all the fun and good times that were shared.


The services we provide vary depending on what exactly it is you would like us to take care of. Everybody has a different approach when it comes to planning an event or a wedding and we're here to accommodate you. The services we offer are as follows:

The Platinum Package:
You give us your ideas and your budget and we’ll take care of all the planning from the day of the consultation all the way up to the day of. We will keep you updated on our progress so you know exactly what we’re doing at all times.

The Silver Package:
You want to plan a party but you want some control on what is happening. The process for the Silver Package will be about us doing whatever it is you want us to take care of and you take care of the details you want control over.

The Bronze Package:
We do the initial consultation and we are there the day of to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We’ll make sure the vendors are there on time, any equipment being used is working correctly, the setup is exactly how you want it, and everything else that needs to be handled so you don’t need to worry.

For more details, please contact either by email or phone.