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Harmony Savoia

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Harmony Savoia

Laramie, WY

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Thanks to the growing popularity of weddings, parties, and events through television and the internet, Harmony Savoia Event Management is poised to handle the superior demands of high profile projects.

Harmony Savoia Event Management combines over 20 years of project management experience with a spark of creative whimsy to ensure every event is tailor made to suit each client’s individuality and unique, distinguished requirements.


HSEM's unique ability to create stunning events surpasses our clients expectations again and again.

Weddings - are a delicious compilation of love, excitement, the promise of a bright future
wrapped up in pretty white bow. However, for some, what should be the happiest day of their life, can be very overwhelming. Luckily, we have the creative, design and production capability to make this day everything the bride has dreamed of her whole life. We handle every detail to alleviate her anxiety. So many brides feel uneasy or uncertain when they use other coordinators or try to do everything themselves. There are fine lines when it comes to emotions and sometimes those lines are fuzzy. If a bride or groom has anxiety about the details of the wedding, those feelings can flood over into the relationship and cloud judgment. That is the last thing a couple needs as their wedding day approaches. HSI worries about all the details so the couple doesn’t have to.

Parties - are a blast! No matter what the purpose, the enjoyment of seeing familiar faces,
eating good food, and creating lasting memories are the cornerstones of our lives. HSI takes the greatest satisfaction generating show stopping parties for our clients. Our scheduling and project management are paramount. Although we’d love to produce every party in North America, that might be a tad ambitious. So we’ve created designer lines of decorations and table ware, so that you can still get a taste of HSI party perfection, even if we can’t be there. We’ve published cookbooks so you can make our signature must have dishes to wow your guests. We even have video tutorials on our youtube channel for those of you that like that personal guidance.

Events – Who doesn’t love a great concert series? Fundraiser, family reunion, grand
opening, product launch; HSI has got it covered. Our experience spans the most intimate affair to the grandest production of our client’s lives.

Corporate – We all have seen (or more humiliatingly: been) that person, that unlucky one
that has been assigned not only their job duties, but also tasked to put together the quarterly staff meeting, breakfasts, lunches, agendas, training, speakers, metrics for measuring the success of the function, stock holders meetings, board meetings, employee appreciations, team building activities, retreats, golf tournaments, etc. That’s a lot to ask of someone whose only qualification for project management of this magnitude is that they weren’t at the meeting and were unanimously voted to handle it. You know it’s true…and while you can only guiltily hide behind your coffee cup for initially nominating that person in the first place, for a short while before the office is abuzz with how you “have it out” for the nominee…you could have just made a command decision to let HSI handle it for you. Our Chief In Operations, Harmony Savoia, has decades of “Corporate America” experience and knows exactly what companies need in order to pull off a productive company event.

Products - While HSI’s services are phenominal and they leave no detail to chance,
there is another option for those with a conservative budget. Depending on the schedule and budget, clients can get a touch of perfect at their event by using all the templates and products that HSI offers. Even if the client has no prior entertainment experience, our design team has done the coordination for them. Color coordinated, themes, party décor, cookbooks, stationery, easy to follow instructions are all elements. Also, HSI has whipped up some signature “party packs” that will knock the socks off any guest.

Rentals- Harmony Savoia launched her first successful business in 2009. House of
Pounce, LLC is an indoor play place for children in the South Eastern Wyoming city of Laramie, HOP also rents bounce houses out for parties. It’s a natural progression for HOP to purchase other rentable items for HSI to be able to rent for their party planning. Ie: Bounce Houses, tables, chairs, archways, centerpieces, tents, etc