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Carmen Rosa Almeida, IWPP

event planner , wedding planner

Carmen Rosa Almeida, IWPP

Miami, FL

"No Detail Is Too Small To Be Precious &

No Detail Is Too Complex To Be Great!"

C1Rose Wedding & Event Planning is a Miami based Wedding and Event Planning Company. Your Planners Carmen R. Almeida & Emmanuel Owens started planning & consulting social events for friends, family, co-workers, and associates as well as for several corporate events for the last 20 years. We decided that we would make weddings and event planning our business simply because we enjoy bringing a smile to our clients and their guess but most importantly making their memorable event an unforgetable one. We have the true understanding that no event is identical, therefore each event is given our special touch and individual attention.

Our experience allows us to bring together our professionlism and creativity, along with skilled and talented resources to make your event a reality. A plan is carefully coordinated for each individual event with a unique style and for each individual budget, while always keeping focused on your vision for the event. We specialize in weddings that are couple driven and personalized.

The enjoyment of watching the happiness on everyone face and the excitement that comes before, during, and after each event brings out an underlying emotion in us. Being a key part of a special moment in each clients memorable event brings joy to our hearts.


Weddings & Receptions
Bridal & Baby Showers
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Communions & Christenings
Family Reunions & Social Dinners
Corporate Events - Banquets, Award Ceremonies,& Fundraisers
Event Consultation Services
Notary Services

Regardless of the service that you select our focus is to have a clear understaning of your vision for your event and our job is to apply our creativity to make your vision a reality. We understand that as your Wedding Coordinator or Event Planner we play a vital role, therefore we walk with you from beginning to end and reach our goal of making your dreams come true.

Key Notes: In planning remember to priortize your event. Discover what means the most to you and be willing to compromise. Most importantly sit back and enjoy the moment. Soak up each and every precious minute because time goes quickly.


Thank you Carmen for making our a wedding a beautiful event. For taking the time to put your special touch into everything that meant the most to us. You did an awesome Job!

Yadira Velos

Wow is that word that I choose to use. Carmen your company did a wonderful job bringing our dream to light. My wife has not stop talking about how happy she is with our wedding celebration specially that everything was planned on such a short notice. Thank you, so much for your outstanding work and creativity.

Mr & Mrs Herrera

I would 100% recommend C1Rose Wedding & Event Planning to everyone. Carmen and Emmanuel you both did a great job making our wedding day possible, although our budget was a tight budget you both made our day possible. We both thank you from our hearts.

Monica Harris

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