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Makenna Verbeek

makeup artist

Makeup By Makenna

Hello, my name is Makenna. I will tell you that every since I was a little girl, I have loved everything about makeup artistry. My main goal growing up was to get a job that would support my wanting to go to makeup school. Now that the goal of doing just that has finally come true, I look forward to making each and every individual I have the opportunity to work on, look beautiful. Like brides on their special day, students for prom, and for concerts to look rockin. No matter what the occasion, I am dedicated to help each beautiful face to look absolutely their best!

I grew up with two brothers in a small town in Washington state. I am always surrounded by dirt bikes, animals, horses, dirt, and country. But I never let my tom boyish side mask my girly girl liking's. I love makeup, hair, dresses, sparkles, and GLAM! I remember when I was little, I dressed my older brother up in my clothes and practically smeared makeup on his face. (Due to trying to pin him down to do it.) So I guess you could say my love for makeup started at a very young age. Even though I am still growing up, I am determined to make my love for doing makeup grow with me.


~Wedding Makeup~
~Special Events~

My Mother is a cosmetologist who is GIFTED with doing the most beautiful updo's. We like to team up and do weddings together.

~So if you have a special day coming up give us a call!~


"I love it so much! I wish I could do my makeup like this everyday."

Hannah G.